Why Skin Ages

We know the importance of looking after our skin and spend quite a bit on maintaining it to counter to aging process as years pass by. But what really is skin, what is it composed of and what is responsible for the appearance of wrinkles are a few must-know facts to counter the skin aging process.

What is skin composed of?

‘Skin’ simply refers to the outer covering on our body and is comprised of three layers; each with its own purpose and function. The epidermis is the topmost layer of the skin and has the ability to renew itself every few weeks. The health of the epidermis determines how good your skin looks and how well it can absorb moisture. The dermis is the second layer of the skin comprising of collagen which gives it structure and elastin which gives the skin resilient properties. The third layer is called the subcutaneous tissue, which protects the rest of the tissues from further damage.

There are two important proteins found in the body called collagen and elastin which largely determine our skin appearance. Collagen is responsible for the structure of a cell and makes skin resilient and strong. Elastin helps to keep the skin flexible and ensures that the skin retains its normal shape after being pulled. The presence of elastin in our skin helps us to perform simple activities such as opening and closing our mouth to eat, drink or talk. In short, it’s the presence of these two proteins which keep your skin looking good.

Why does skin age?

In our 20’s, collagen and elastin begin to break down, leading to expression lines which result from facial expressions. Slowly, the skin begins to lose its firmness and starts to sag. By our 40’s, skin becomes drier and has more dead cells because the body is incapable of replacing them quickly. During these years, dark patches may also appear on the skin with expression lines and wrinkles becoming more visible. If an appropriate anti aging skin care regime has not been followed then wrinkles, age spots and other signs of ageing become even more visible by the time a person reaches the age of 50. External factors such as frequent exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun, chain smoking, stress, lack of sleep and even sleeping positions can speed up the skin aging process resulting in deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines and other visible signs of ageing.

How can anti aging and dry skin products help counter the skin aging process?

The answer lies in the key ingredients used – Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Elastin. In Narhex Australia antiaging products these are NarAHATM and NarElastinTM. AHAs are naturally occurring compounds in milk, apples and sugarcane which are highly effective in removing dead cells. NarAHATM which is formulated from malic acid and gluconolactone works gently on your skin to unblock pores, remove dry skin and improve skin texture. NarElastinTM comprises of cross linked elastin proteins which are preserved carefully so that they remain active and are absorbed quickly on application, giving you a visible reduction in wrinkles. Narhex anti wrinkle crèmes, moisturizer and lotions have been specially formulated after years of research. This is the only skin care brand to have successfully passed Double Blind clinical trials conducted independently in 3 countries- Australia, France and the UK.

All users of Narhex wrinkle crèmes and antiaging products love the guaranteed results and their new look. Isn’t it time you rediscovered a new look for yourself too?

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