The Truth about Elastin in Anti Wrinkle Cremes

Stop wasting money on the big name antiaging products that claim to make you look younger. They claim to have Elastin and the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but only one company – Narhex Australia – has done the clinical trials to prove that it works and contains active Elastin.

Narhex anti wrinkle cremes contain NarElastinTM, a form of active and undiluted cross-linked elastin, close to 100% purity.  The difference between NarElastinTM and other elastin products is simple.  The cross-linked proteins which keep elastin active can break during manufacture, rendering them inactive.  Narhex developed a proprietary method of preserving these cross-linked proteins.  This keeps the proteins active in the Narhex skin treatments.

Only Narhex antiaging products contain NarElastinTM. This Australian company has been making the best antiaging products for over 22 years and is the best kept secret in skin care.

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