Narhex NUVODERM™ 50 ml

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  • Nuvoderm is a new discovery in Topical anti-oxidant formulation 
  • Employs a double anti-oxidant formulation with natural Vitamin E  
  • Significantly inhibits photo-oxidation for a period of 24 hours with just one application!  
  • Suitable treatment for Dry skin mild to severe as well as Acne Prone skin. 

The Next Generation of High Efficiency Topical Anti-Oxidant Serum Double Anti-Oxidant Serum NarAHA 15% and Natural Vitamin E. 

High-efficiency NarAHA combined with natural vitamin E is a new discovery in Topical anti-oxidant formulation. 

While many AHA formulations can be quite harsh on your skin, Narhex’s AHA combination with Natural Vitamin E provides the most effective yet gentle combination of AHAs and natural vitamin E. This combination is designed for wrinkled or younger sun damaged skin. 

Nuvoderm rapidly clears away dead skin leaving your complexion smooth and supple. By removing dead cells and keeping pores unblocked, this Double Anti-Oxidant serum is also an ideal ‘all in one’ natural protection: defoliant and moisturiser, it improves oily and acne prone skin and general skin condition and it prepares your skin for acceptance of Narhex Elastin anti-wrinkle skin treatments. 

Nuvoderm double-oxidant formulation significantly inhibits photo-oxidation for a period of 24 hours with just one application. 

TIP: To achieve the best results, apply Narhex Facial Treatment in combination with Narhex Nuvoderm 15% NarAHA™ or Moisturiser Type 2 with 8% NarAHA™


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