Narhex Facial Treatment™ 50 ml

$ 65.00

  • USD: 43.25$

1% NarElastinTM

  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Visibly reduces depth of coarse lines and fine wrinkles 
  • Cross-Linked NarElastin™ Proven in Double Blind Clinical Trials. 
  • Contains Sunscreen.


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The major protein that contribute to your skin’s elasticity, appearance and healthy appearance is Elastin.

No matter how well you have looked after your skin, once Elastin begins breaking down the natural elasticity of your skin will lose its ability to spring back, you will see degeneration in your skin elasticity, texture and tone along with the lines that come with time. 

This process is accelerated by extended exposure to sun and harsh conditions, smoking and poor diet will also prematurely age your skin. 

NarElastin reduces wrinkles and can be assimilated by your skin from ages 21 upward to your golden years. Excellent makeup base.


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