Facial Lift – Eye Serum 4% NarElastin™+ COLLAGEN 30 ml

$ 98.00

  • USD: 64.77$

4% NarElastinTM & Collagen

  • Facial Lift, lifts and tones mature skin in a twostep action: instantly reduces bags, coarse and fine wrinkles under and around the eyes and eye lids.  
  • Useful for that special night out so lipstick will not bleed into upper top lip 
  • With prolonged use will visibly reduce depth of lines, wrinkles significantly. 
  • Cross-Linked NarElastin™ Proven in Double blind Clinical trials.

Narhex Facial Lift – Eye Serum contains Elastin and Collagen to give the skin an instant beauty lift and with prolonged use, reduce the depth of lines, wrinkles and under-eye bags. 

Collagen instantly reduces the signs of fatigue by firming and toning sagging skin and correct puffiness and bags under the eyes. 

NarElastin moisturises, nourishes and restores the skin elasticity. 

After cleansing gently pat two drops of Facial Lift – Eye Serum over eye and under the area and face. 


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