Do Antiaging Products Work on Men as Well?

Or how wrinkle crèmes cope with aging differences in women and men’s skin.

anti wrinkle cremes work on men as well

Contrary to beliefs, there are many differences between men and women’s skin. Although there are five different types of skin (normal, dry, oily, combination and thin skin) the skin of both women and men possess unique traits which lend it different characteristics. It is tempting to think that any skin care product which works for women will work for men as well but due to the difference in skin properties, it is advisable to use gender specific products which best suit your skin type. Or even better – find a brand with anti wrinkle products that were specially formulated to cater to both men and women’s skin.

A few differences between the skin properties of men and women are:

  1. Men have smaller sebaceous or oil glands but larger pores in their skin than women. This also makes them more prone to sweating. Skin care products for men are formulated differently, because nutrients in the products are absorbed through these oil glands.
  2. Men’s skin also tends to be oilier in texture than a woman’s skin. This is mainly due to testosterone which is responsible for oil secretion in the skin. However, once men cross the age of 50, the oil secretions tend to reduce and make the skin drier. A woman’s body stops the production of sebum once menopause is reached and this makes a woman’s skin dry and coarse.
  3. Men’s skin is at least 20% thicker than women’s skin and also has higher levels of collagen and elastin. Women’s skin on the other hand is thinner and is more easily affected by UV rays and other factors; thereby making the skin appear older.
  4. Depending upon how often a man shaves, the texture of the skin also becomes drier. Many harsh chemicals found in colognes, shaving creams and other products also affect the skin and may make it more sensitive to the touch.
  5. Men’s skin is less sensitive than women’s skin. The presence of more nerve fibers in a woman’s skin predetermines that.

How these differences affect the skin aging process?

Both men and women’s skin show various aging signs with time. A man’s skin may become thinner in texture as he grows old and is likely to display various aging symptoms like under eye wrinkles or lip wrinkles. However, the high levels of testosterone, hair follicles which protect the face, oily thick skin as well as higher levels of collagen and elastin do offer a certain degree of protection against premature skin aging. In addition, men in general also have more melanin in their skin which helps protect it from damage caused by UV rays. This does not mean that men are immune to skin aging though.

On the other hand, a woman’s skin is naturally thinner and is likely to change in colour and texture as she grows older. The levels of Collagen and Elastin also steadily reduce in the skin making it more sensitive to factors such as prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays, excessive smoking, drinking or even an unhealthy lifestyle. Not surprisingly, women tend to develop aging signs like wrinkles or crows feet in areas where the skin is thinnest like under the eyes and around the mouth.

Aging is an unpleasant fact of life for both men and women but with the right care; the different symptoms associated with aging can be greatly reduced. It may be tempting to use a cosmetic wrinkle crème or an ordinary antiaging product in the hope that your skin will become youthful again, but the truth is you need a skin treatment with the right combination of ingredients.

Man face before and after using Narhex wrinkle cremes

Antiaging products that are specially formulated for both men and women can bridge the gender gap and produce far better results not only for women but also for men.

Narhex Cross-Linked 10/60™ has exactly that kind of antiaging products. Since both women and men have Elastin structure giving their skin the elasticity and bounce needed for life’s survival, Narhex Australia has specially formulation their anti wrinkle products with these 2 unique ingredients – NarAHA™ and NarElastin™ – which have been proven to effectively reduce fine lines, under eye wrinkles and bags in both men and women. They solve the dry skin problems in both genders and also rejuvenate your skin making it more youthful in appearance. In fact, Narhex Australia is also the only skin care brand to successfully pass Double Blind Clinical Trials, which were conducted independently in three countries.

So are you ready to join the league of men and women who have tried Narhex antiaging products themselves and are thrilled with the guaranteed results? Four weeks of regular application is all we need to give you smooth skin that you will love!

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