Nourish Your Skin the Australian Way

Man’s search for elixirs and potions which were believed to be the key to ever youthful skin, began many centuries ago. No wonder then that many cosmetic brands choose to bombard us with advertisements of antiaging products, featuring men and women who possess the kind of clear skin we all want. However, not all of them work and very few will give you the results you are looking for.

How do you decide which wrinkle creme or anti aging face lotion is worth your investment?

Well you can never be sure. However, clinically proven results will convince you, right? How about an Australian skin care brand that has been wooing customers for years with a proven record of guaranteed results? Narhex Australia antiaging products are the only skin care treatments that have passed Double Blind clinical trials in three countries and developed a technique to measure wrinkles accurately. All Narhex anti wrinkle crèmes have been specially formulated after years of intensive research. They take advantage of the scientific fact that the appearance of your skin is determined by elastin and collagen. Elastin determines your skin texture whereas collagen gives your skin flexibility and resilience. By combining both as active elements in their antiaging products, Narhex Australia produces the skin treatments product line with ultimate effect.

What’s Different about Narhex Antiaging Products

They have clinically proven results and contain two key unique ingredients – NarAHATM and NarElastinTM
Narhex’s patented NarAHATM formula which combines malic acid and gluconolactone, two naturally occurring compounds found in apples and sugarcane. This gentle formula not only exfoliates the skin but leaves it moisturized and is a proven treatment for dry skin in only 7 days.

It’s interesting to know that NarElastinTM was born “by accident” when a research for respiratory prevention was being conducted for developing a cure of a lung disease. The team discovered the importance of Elastine in maintaining and restoring elasticity of skin and that the new product had wrinkle reducing properties. Based on that, Narhex antiaging products were formulated and one year clinical trial followed to test their effectiveness. The outstanding results were proof that Narhex had a winning formula in their hands!

The unique NarElastinTM formula is unlike anything you have tried, because the proteins are preserved carefully so that they remain active and undiluted. This in turn, guarantees you a proven reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and an overall improvement in skin appearance in 28 days or less.

The Narhex Antiaging Product Range

Narhex has a range of 5 products plus a water soluble gel cleanser to give your skin the best antiaging care it deserves. All five products are hypoallergenic and contain either NarAHATM or NarElastinTM, which work in harmony to regenerate your skin from within. Narhex’s unique formula smoothens fine lines, cleanses pores and improves the texture of oily skin. Use the water soluble gel cleanser with almond oil and Vitamin E after a party, to remove make up and to refresh your skin gently. The Moisturizer Type 2 cream with 8% NarAHATM and sunscreen is an ideal exfoliator for normal, dry and even sun damaged skin. Nuvoderm with 15% NarAHATM is a dual antioxidant and exfoliating formula which reduces wrinkles and is a proven treatment for acne prone skin without drying your skin.

Unlike other anti wrinkle cremes, or moisturizers which claim to treat wrinkles, Narhex antiaging products that contain NarElastinTM treat the problem from within. The first signs of aging are usually visible on the skin just under the eyes and on the neck where the skin is thinnest. But there’s no reason to worry, because with Narhex Eye Cream containing 3% NarElastinTM, any fine lines and wrinkles will be considerably reduced. Treat your skin to the goodness of NarElastinTM 1% Facial Treatment with sunscreen every day to reduce lines and delay wrinkles. It’s a great make up base as well and gives your skin a boost while you’re having fun. The Facial Lift with NarElastinTM 4% is a serum with collagen that works in two steps to give your skin a spa like skin firming lift, tones sagging skin, and treats both eye puffiness and eye bags.

You’ll notice a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines within just 4 weeks of using Narhex Antiaging products. With such guaranteed results, isn’t it time you took years off your face, neck and hands too?

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