How Antioxidants Fight Skin Aging

Before we go into the details of how antioxidants battle skin aging, first, we have to know what causes skin aging

Skin aging is caused by substances called free radicals

Skin aging is caused by substances called free radicals. Free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons. These atoms attack healthy skin cells and cause damage and premature aging. Skin cells are normally able to repair the damage, but with increasing sun exposure, stress, and pollution, the skin sometimes can’t cope. Free radicals continue to do damage by hindering nutrient absorption in cells and making detoxification difficult. What’s more, free radicals increase the number of an enzyme that eats the skin’s supporting tissue, making it less firm.

To combat free radicals, antioxidants are introduced to the body. Antioxidants are substances that reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Men and women who are aware of this phenomenon turn to an anti wrinkle crème that contains helpful antioxidants in order to fight off skin aging and to keep their skin looking young and healthy. An antiaging product that people love to use is one that contains a well-known antioxidant, called AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

How the Antioxidant AHA Works

How do antioxidants work

AHA is found in a variety of foods such as milk, apples, sugarcanes and mangoes. AHA acts to dissolve the “dermal glue” between dead skin cells, allowing these skin cells to be sloughed off to reveal the newer layer of skin underneath. Dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin can cause your skin to look dull, emphasizing the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Products that are rich in AHA will help remove the layer of dead skin cells, revealing brighter, younger looking skin and reducing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Not all products with AHA however, are good for your skin. Just like any substance, there is an ideal amount and concentration of AHA in a product to make it effective. Some products may have too low concentrations. These concentrations are ineffective, and will do little to improve the appearance of your skin.

AHA Products That Work

When shopping for an anti wrinkle crème, it is always important to know what is inside your product and how it can work for your skin’s benefit.

At the forefront of AHA research, Narhex Australia has selected a fine blend of AHA’s to make a secret formula that is most effective and gentle to your skin. NarAHA™ has selected Malic acid from apples and Gluconolactone from sugar cane in it’s fine blend of ingredients.

With 15% NarAHA’s™, Narhex’s Nuvoderm™ contains the highest percentage of AHAs available. Generally the higher the concentration of AHA in a product, the more effective it is in sloughing away dead skin cells from dry skin suffers to reveal the younger healthy looking skin beneath the corium layer. Nuvoderm™ has also been proven to help acne prone sufferers to maintain a blemish free skin.

These Narhex products also work to prepare your skin for Narhex products Facial Treatment & Facial Lift that contain NarElastin™ to reduce age coarse and fine lines, bags and under eye wrinkles.

If you want to battle the signs of skin aging, arm yourself with anti aging products that are formulated with the right AHA concentrations. It pays to understand the effects as to what is in your skin treatment and antiaging product. Test it your self you will be amazed at the benefits you gain and soon you’ll be seeing that youthful glow you are seeking for yourself.

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